Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Artipelag in Sweden Part 1

Yesterday we went to Artipelag which is latest addition of art gallery to Sweden. However, this art gallery is more than just a gallery. The architecture is phenomenon. It is designed by Johan Nyrén. Most of my time over there is looking every detail the building offers. The architecture is covered by vertical dark brown wood and horizontal white wood. The width of the woods are not very thin. The building is incorporated with the landscape there, you can find a huge piece of rock extending from the ground in the restaurant, seamlessly connecting the nature and building together. Moreover, the architect play with the roof of the building, transforming it into green observation deck for the audience, the roof is covered with small plants. At the beginning, we hesitated to step on it but were told that we could. The greatest thing is that it is easy to find spots to talk with friends, very peaceful. To me, it is not only a gallery but also a social area though it is a bit far away. I am sure I will go there again and again. If you happen to be in Stockholm, please go to Artipelag.

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