Monday, July 30, 2012

Window and Roof in Istanbul

We travelled to Turkey last month, it was my first time to visit the country. I was very excited, I have heard many people saying how nice the country is. Yes, i was not disappointed at all, nice people and nice views. The trip went perfectly fine until I got sick from food poisoning on my last day. I could not go back to Stockholm, needed to stay in Frankfurt to rest. The care services provided by Lufthansa were excellent, becoming a fan of Lufthansa. Back to what I have seen in Istanbul, the city is very unique and beautiful, I was disappointed with myself cos I didnt make many beautiful shots, though I saw a lot of interesting things. I guess I need to go there again lol. I like the below pictures, the first one was taken in Sophia Museum, I am always attracted to window with a lot of grids, especially with black frame. The other one was taken somewhere in street. I was raised in Hong Kong, it was common to see those plastic roofs when i was kid, but now is disappearing.

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